2-Month Review

Well it’s been 2 full months of daily blogging so I thought it was time for me to review, dive in and assess things so far. First, I’d like to thank you all for reading, sharing and helping with some ideas for the blog thus far. I realize I may not have the biggest audience just yet but it’s been fun and more self-rewarding than anything although I hope everyone is learning and enjoying as well.

I will say that’s it’s been tough to keep up with daily blogging. It’s kept me on point and on track because I finally have something of ownership while I continue looking for work out here in London and it’s given me something to fill some of my free time. I will say that I have no idea how people write on the same subject or topic on a daily basis. I feel like I’d run out of ideas and content quite quickly if I put together halfway decent posts every day.

Therefore I’ve decided to step back a bit and not post every day for at least the next 2-month period. Originally I thought that doing this was giving myself a way out. Not only from scrambling to finish my posts late at night but from constantly creating new content to write about. But really I realize I should be spending that quality time with my wife. One of the main reasons I got out of hotel hospitality after all was because we didn’t get to spend nearly the amount of time together we both wanted. I was always working holidays, weekends, long hours and for the last 16 months of my job I was pretty much on call 24/7 answering calls and emails from wherever I was.

There’s a reason why I waited to propose to her a little over a week after I quit my job back in May 2014. I knew that I was not only doing this for my own peace of mind and sanity in day-to-day life but for us … I wanted to have a real life and marry the woman I love who I was going to dedicate time to and spend as much of my free time as possible with.

The other thing I think will be a benefit is that I can pick and choose different topics from week to week. I may have my favorite days that I look forward to writing about but there’s not one of them that I don’t look forward to or wish I had done something else in its place. So from week to week my topics will vary with what I put out there although I’ll most likely stick to picking from the 7 I have chosen to start the blog with so far.

Finally I went back and reread some of my posts from the beginning, a month ago and a week ago. Maybe I’m being tough on myself but there are certain ones I can tell I was more excited about in my writing and tone as opposed to getting something finished because I had to post it tomorrow. This will allow me the time to write a proper post as I see it instead of rushing to finish something. I want to put out good, quality, well-thought-out material with interesting factoids, useable knowledge and good, thoughtful writing.

Again thank you all for the support and get ready for An American Beard In London 2.0!

– Beard

2 observations on “2-Month Review
  1. ///chet rutkowski

    As I read this article , I can see you are sincere when you look back and re-evaluate your commitment to do your best .Good work Jeff.

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