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Grand Canyon, Small Beard

While living in San Francisco in 2012 I took a trip back to Arizona with my future wife and a couple of other couples. We were mainly there in March to see some Spring Training baseball games and cheer on my Chicago Cubs although we somehow ended up at all San Francisco Giants games. I’ll leave that conversation for an upcoming Sports Sunday post though.

One of the days we were in Arizona we took a day trip up north to see the Grand Canyon and explore a few other towns like Sedona and Jerome along the way. Here’s a picture from the Grand Canyon which truly is an awe-inspiring site to lay eyes upon in person.You’re amazing at how dwarfed you feel and can truly see the power of mother nature in the way it has been formed and shaped over the years.

It’s funny how you take things for granted when they’re in your backyard. I visited the Grand Canyon a couple times with my family when we used to vacation out there when I was younger. However this was the first time I’d been back since before I lived there. In the 4+ years I spent in Arizona I never once took the 4 hour drive from Phoenix area to see this incredible sight … shame on me.

– Beard

Grand Canyon, March 2012

Grand Canyon, March 2012

Hippy Beer In Parma

Once again this week I will tie in a theme I started in Thursday’s post about beers and hippies with my picture today.

Hippy Beer          Birra-Ceci-1938-Hippy

I found this special edition beer from Cantine Ceci and their Birra di Parma line appropriately labeled and (officially) called ‘Birra Ceci 1938 Hippy‘ at the end of a Parmesan Cheese Tour at C.P.L. Parma of all places. After a fascinating tour about the making of Parmesan Cheese, and plenty of samples, I spotted this and couldn’t help buying one to bring home! It was a Witbier or essentially a 5% ABV unfiltered and unpasteurized Hefeweizen-style with the usual banana and bread notes in a hazy color and a bit of a spicy aftertaste. Love those Italian hippies!

– Beard

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