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Porch Kittens

Today’s picture of Sir Charles & Prince Finn, which takes a look at their patio life, also comes with a story. Now they’re not proper “outdoor cats,” just “patio cats” for a few reasons:

  • Charles would survive but he’s used to being coddled and is too much of a scaredy cat to be out too long
  • Finn is too dumb to survive in the wild
  • I’ve trained them like dogs so they know their boundaries on the patio

So as some of you may know, Charles did do a little escape trip a few weeks back. During the middle of the night (sometime after 2am when we last saw him) he climbed out through one of our skylights on the top floor of our place. A few hours later, when I woke up to give them their breakfast, Finn came running as always but Charles was no where to be found. I looked in all of his usual hiding spots but he wasn’t there then I realized the skylights were left open just a bit further than normal. I climbed on roof, calling his name and looking on both of our neighbors patios but to no avail. So we figured we needed to go search for him 3 stories down on street level. We walked down the mews next to us calling his name but nothing. As we got back to the main street we decided to head towards the park because, if I were a cat, I’d head for a ton of trees to climb. Luckily as we walked by our front door calling his name we heard some meowing from behind the door of the shop next to us. there he was, a bit dirty and acting like nothing happened. It’s pretty amazing that he was somehow able to get down there unscathed as well as pretty much know where our front door is but I think that was about as brave as he’ll ever get as he’s stuck close to home ever since.

So without further ado, your Whiskers Wednesday pics direct from our patio to your screen!


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Top O’ The Fridge To Ya

Cats are always adventurous and love small places. Our flat doesn’t have nearly as many cool hiding spots or nooks and crannies they can get into than our San Francisco place did but it is smaller. So what do they do? Improvise of course! One of their favorite spots in the entire house is on top the fridge which (I measured) is 9.5 inches or 24cm.

– Beard



A New Brother

This picture is from the day we brought Finn home and completely ruined Charles’ world of being an only kid-ten in November 2014. He’s slowly starting to forgive us and they became best friends after a few days but he was not too happy at first, as you can see.

– Beard

The first meeting

The first meeting


PS – pay no attention to the bong in the corner 😇

Charlie & Finnegan Take London

Since this is their first appearance, I’ll give you a bit of background on our boys or our kid-tens© as I like to refer to them.

Charlie (aka Charles, Sir Charles, Chuckles) was adopted from the SPCA in January 2011, about 6 months after my wife and I originally moved in together.

Fun Facts:

  • He’ll be 4 years old in September (2015)
  • Was originally named Nick
  • Displays moderate to extreme OCD
  • Has a Batman-looking face
  • Is by far the smarter of the two

Finnegan (aka Finn, Prince Finn, Finny) was one of the first things we got after we got married in November 2014. He’s an orange tabby who was adopted from a family member that had a litter of kittens in September.

Fun Facts:

  • He’ll be turning 1 this September (2015)
  • Was originally named Zeus
  • Even though he’s ginger we still like to think he has a soul
  • Maybe just not a brain

So here are the boys after their incredibly long day of travel when we arrived … 2 hour drive to the airport in San Francisco🚙, 5 hours at the airport in San Francisco🏪, 10+ hour flight✈️, 2 hours in Animal Reception in London🏥 then a 2 hour Uber from Heathrow🚕 to our temporary housing🏢. Needless to say they were troopers but all tuckered out!

– Beard


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