Getting Buff

When I was in Iceland last year we went to visit Geysir one day and took a stroll through the gift shop. I took a picture of a cool, multi-use piece of “clothing” that I almost bought. Since it was the first stop on our 2 month journey I decided to hold off on buying anything, even if it was small, but kept the picture and name of the item for future reference.

On a completely different but weirdly semi-related note, I need music when working out or really going anywhere/doing anything. I’ve got some nice Bose over ear headphones but they can be a bit clunky to maneuver with. I’ve gone through plenty of expensive music earbuds that always break sooner than they should. So I’ve recently just stuck with the Apple earbuds since I found about a dozen pair of them when we were cleaning out to make our move to London. The only problem is that they don’t stay in my ears, especially when I’m running or really doing anything besides walking very gently so it gets quite frustrating when trying to be active.

When we got to London I realized this was the perfect spot and whether to buy one and kill two birds with one stone. Not only was it going to finally be that accessory I’ve been wanting but it was going to be a way to workout and keep those pesky earbuds in and the music pumping. So having said that I finally invested in (my first) Buff last month. I went with the Original Buff and the best part is they’ve got up to 13 different ways to wear them plus they have thermal ones, infinity scarves, protective ones and ones for dogs (or cats) plus many more. So now I can look stylish, have a multi-use accessory and keep my earbuds in while working out!

Here’s my wife & I on a run along Regent’s Canal stopping just long enough for a quick picture.

– Beard


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