Is The Mayor In?

Upon arriving to London we were on the hunt for a really good cocktail bar. I scoured a bunch of sites (like some of the ones I mentioned on Tuesday) and narrowed it down to a couple in our temporary housing area we lived in for the first 3 weeks which was quite close to Lindsay’s work. So after we got settled and got a couple of days under our belts we decided we deserved a good drink (or 3).

I decided to try the one which had not only popped up a few times but had actually been on my list well before moving on a recommendation from a friend. I was excited to see that it was about 2 blocks from Lindsay’s work but didn’t exactly tell her much more than the name of the place, The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town, as I knew she’d immediately be smitten since it referenced a cat.

We walked up to an all-day dining spot down an alley off Bishopsgate in the Spitalfields area called The Breakfast Club, which has multiple locations in town. When you walk in there is a large diner-style dining room with large tables and fun things hanging from the walls such as their famous “Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls” sign in addition to their Sega Mega Drive console.


When you walk up to the hostess stand you of course have the option of dining in the restaurant but for access to their speakeasy (The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town) you simply need to say that you’re “here to see the mayor.” Assuming there is space in the smallish bar they will escort you through this door and down 2 flights of stairs to the secret speak.


As you walk down there are a few pictures lining the walls which immediately play to the cat theme and even more once you’re in the bar area. Once you’re in “the basement” the rectangular room has the bar where they whip up their concoctions directly ahead of you while the room expands to the left where you have the seating area. Both walls have benches lining them with 2 or 4 person tables and stools. There are a couple of other tables in the middle of the room as well and standing space near the bar and to the right of it with a couple of low-top tables (as opposed to the rest which are tall).

The decorations are pretty funny with some goofy pictures, stuffed moose head and plenty of things that look like old relics lining the walls and parts of the ceiling railings. While this stuff is all great let’s get down to the real reason you come here though, the drinks!

We’ve been to this fine establishment 4 times and have noticed that they routinely add and subtract drinks from the menu. While it’s good to keep things fresh and new options on the menu it’s always a bummer when you find that one drink that is absolutely incredible only to see it missing from the rotation next time you visit.

Therefore I won’t really give you any drink recommendations for this spot with the exception of 1 that has been on the menu each time we’ve been and is sort of a staple I feel. that is of course the Mezcallywagg which I got the first time I was there and was blown away. Now I normally have a rule of thumb of not drinking Bloody Mary’s after noon or so and even though it was about 6pm I decided to deviate from my rule. this was mainly due to the notation next to the drink name which read “Best Bloody Mary 2013.”

If it was named the best and the description was “Smokey & Spicy” I figured I needed to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Now I’m also a big fan of Mezcal and Laphroaig (pretty much anything smokey and peaty) so when I read the ingredients I was also hooked as it features Mezcal, pink & black peppercorn infused tequila, lemon juice, Tabasco, thyme syrup, charred red pepper, paprika, celery salt, tomato juice & Laphroaig spray. I almost ordered a second but chose to try a different drink but I highly recommend this if you wind up there.

Here’s their current menu, which again will change slightly with some regularity so don’t get your hopes up too much for a specific cocktail but you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for.



Efflorescent, light
Orange Blossom Water (Mandarin oil), elderflower liqueur, dry vermouth, topped with champagne

Fruity, delicate
Rye whisky, apricot liqueur, Crème de Mure, topped with champagne.

Fresh, tropical, herbal
Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, lemon juice, pineapple juice, a dash of egg white, fresh dill.

Citrus, tang, sweet
Your choice of rum, vodka, gin or tequila, kumquats, red basil leafs, sugar.

Bitter, sweet, intense
Bourbon, Amer Picon, Campari, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters, topped with soda.

Soothing, sweet, smooth
Camomile infused vodka, lemon, peach liqueur, peach bitters, egg white, a dash of sugar syrup.

Herbaceous, light
Kamm & Sons, gin, lemon juice, jasmin syrup, lavender bitters, egg white, lemon oil, topped with soda.

Buttery, lush, tropical
Coconut rum, rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, avocado, red chilli, dark rum.

Tropical, zesty, fruity
Agricole, rum, amaretto, Licor 43, lime juice, pineapple juice, pink grapefruit.

Fresh, green, bitter finish
Gin, pomegranate shrub, tonic, dash of Jerry Thomas Bitter Truth bitters.

Spicy, lively, lush
Vodka, Napoleon mandarin, lime juice, dash of sugar syrup, red chilli.

Chocolate, Peanut & Vanilla
Bourbon, Advocaat, Mozart dark chocolate, Licor 43, peanut butter, Laphroaig spray.

Sour & Zesty
Aperol, gin, lemon juice, egg white & grapefruit bitters.

Smokey & Spicy
Mezcal, pink & black peppercorn infused tequila, lemon juice, Tabasco, thyme syrup, charred red pepper, paprika, celery salt, tomato juice & Laphroaig spray.

Refined & Aromatic
Cognac, Lillet Blanc, Benedictine, black walnut bitters with an orange twist.

Tangy, Zesty, Banging
Rum, apricot liqueur, grapefruit bitters, grapefruit & lime juice.

Sweet & Spicy
Tequila, Amaretto, orange & lime juice with Tabasco and a sugar rim.

Indulgent, Chocolatey
Yellow Chartruse, egg, Cherry Heering, chocolate bitters.

Balanced, Soothing
Rum, Contreau, all spice liqueur, lemon, honey & bitters.

Beer, cider, wine and champagne also available.

Okay 1 more recommendation and I’m betting you can guess what it is based on my comment earlier about what taste notes I like … that’s right the Peat-Nut Butter Cup was pretty incredible too! Finally in addition to all of this there is some food served downstairs as well but not the full menu you can get upstairs. There are usually about 4-5 small plates for you to choose from if you want to nosh on something while you sip (or chug) your cocktails.

So next time you’re near Spitalfields, it’s after 5pm (only because that’s when the bar opens) and you have an itch for a fancy cocktail in a fun speakeasy environment go see they Mayor.

– Beard

Address: 12-16 Artillery Lane E1 7LS
Phone: 020 7078 9639 (although no reservations are taken)
Closest Tube Stop: Liverpool Street
Fun Fact: Remember to use the phrase “I’m here to see the Mayor” to gain access to the speak

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