Let’s Go To Lake Bled

Last summer I quit my job, with the full support of my wife, to take some time off and travel. I spent 2 months trekking through some of the Nordics and Eastern Europe. Throughout the coming weeks I’ll be revealing plenty of the different spots I traveled but for today I’m going to focus one that blew away my expectations.

SLOVENIA – Lake Bled

A little more than halfway through my trip I arrived in Slovenia with my wife and 2 sisters not really knowing what to expect. The only knowledge I had of the country came from my grandma’s Zarja newsletter which I still read with her and the potica she bakes (and I devour just as quickly). A lot of people asked “Why Slovenia?” I’ll just say that those people have obviously never been to Lake Bled. I’ll let the pictures do it justice …

Lake Bled is extremely easily reachable from the capital city of Ljubljana. Via car it is 55km or about 40 minutes; it will take about at least 90 minutes each way on the train, with a change in Jesenice, and the bus also takes about 90 minutes each way but is a direct shot with no transfers.

There are 2 main attractions, besides the beauty of the lake itself and any water activities, which draw people to Lake Bled. The first is Bled Castle which is an 11th century medieval fortress ideally poached upon a cliff overlooking the lake. It’s the oldest castle in the country and is a gorgeous but uphill trek from the lake to the entrance (although you can drive up as well which we found out the hard way). While the views are enough to warrant the hike up there they also boast a museum, restaurant and wine cellar which are all well worth the €9 entrance fee.

The other attraction at the lake is Bled Island which, as you can guess, is in the middle of the lake. On the island is The Church of the Assumption among some other buildings. It is absolutely picturesque from both the Bled Castle and the water’s edge. To reach the island you take a pletna, which is a type of boat you’ll only find here. If you do visit the island DO NOT leave with trying some of the potica they make there daily. You will not be sorry!

I went the car route so I could explore the surrounding area. Taking a ride around the lake to get different views was ideal. You can’t imagine it could be more beautiful than what you just saw then you turn a corner and have a new, stunning angle.

So plan your trip to Slovenia immediately for stunning scenery, hearty but tasty food, welcoming and friendly people and of course potica. And remember, you can’t spell Slovenia without LOVE.

– Beard

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