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Yes I’m flashing back once again to København and my absolute favorite gypsy brewer, Mikkeller. As I mentioned we were luckily able to make it to 4 of his beer spots in the Danish capital and I wanted to give a beer by beer run down of all the ones we tried. As you read this just keep in mind that almost none of these were pints so we’re not complete alcoholics, we just really appreciate good beer and have a hard time stopping sometimes. So without further ado here’s the list of beers from the past trip and a few pictures we took along the way.

The first night we made it down to Mikkeller Bar which was the original spot in the city. Now 2 things I will say about this spot specifically. First I love the feel of it, you walk down about 5 steps and into the bar as you do in both the other Mikkeller spots and a lot of spots in the city due to the way it was built. There are essentially 2 small rooms inside where you can gather with some tables, unique wall art, real flame candles and of course the bar in the main room. Outside you have some picnic tables to gather when it’s nice out, again a pretty common sight in the city as they keep it super casual. Now the one thing I can’t really complain about (because I’m one of them) but this spot specifically has become a sort of Mecca for American beer geeks and specifically those from San Francisco. While it’s great meeting people from back home and talking shop with them I am more looking for the local interaction, but then again I guess so is everyone else. This time we met 2 different groups from SF and last year when we were here met more people from SF. But I digress and will get back to the matter at hand … beer:

  • Mikkeller Vesterbrosponten Sour 5.5% ABV (x2)
  • Mikkeller Citra Session IPA 4.5%
  • Mikkeller Sort Kaffe Black IPA 9.2%
  • Boon Foeder #120 2-Year Lambic 6.5%
  • Mikkeller Spontanframboos Sour 7.7% (x2)
  • Mikkeller I Beat You Double IPA 9.8%
  • Mikkeller Vesterbrown Ale 5.0%

Our next Mikkeller stop was a quick one before dinner the second night at Warpigs. As I mentioned in my earlier post this place was loud, punky and like a massive hall of beer drinking and BBQ eating. The fun thing we did see here was a tattoo artist set-up in the corner offering tattoos in between his beers … just saying that if I was going to get one I’d prefer to have an earlier session before a few IPAs are flowing through him but who knows. So while we didn’t try the BBQ here we did sample these beers:

  • Warpigs Real Estate Mongol Pale Ale 6.4%
  • Warpigs Scarf Squad Wheat Ale 5.5%
  • Mikkeller Black Temple Imperial Pilsner 6.66%
  • Mikkeller Blå Spøgelse Blueberry Sour 7.7%



Saturday night we decided to go back to the after dinner drinking routine and we ended up at Mikropolis. While I love all the different spots for their own reasons I really dig this one. Again you walk down some stairs to get in and, granted it was at nighttime, it was a dark but welcoming spot with soft, dim lights, great music playing in the background and an intimate feel to the space. This spot also features a smallish front bar room with a couple of tables, bar seating and a back room with some overflow booths. This is just one of those spots I can curl up with a good beer and stay all evening and it was a change from last year when we got there literally 5 minutes after they opened and were the first customers. The other cool thing about this place is not only do they feature their beers (and guest beers) but also some of their spirits in mixed drinks, which a member of the group tried and it was delicious:

  • Mikkeller Vendersgardesponten Ale Lambic 5.5%
  • To Øl Sur Amarillo Sour Syrlig IPA 7.5%
  • To Øl Chokodrøn Brown Ale 6.5%
  • Mikkeller U Alright? Belgian Ale 4.5%
  • Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Imperial Oatmeal Stout 10.9%
  • Green With Envy – Mikkeller Tequila, Coriander, Lime, Agave and Tabasco


Finally we made our way on our last full day there to Mikkeller & Friends. There’s nothing like some Sunday afternoon day drinking with amazing beers to really make you feel like you’re on vacation. The thing I love about Mikkeller & Friends is that the entire pace is painted this pale but semi-bright blueish-green colour. They also have a rather large seating area which encompasses the ample sized bar and again leads into another room with extra seating. Which they only have some small benches directly outside they have the regular park benches across the street near the park. This spot also boasts the Mikkeller Bottle Shop where you can find some glassware, clothing and a ton of bottles from Mikkeller and others that can be hard to find anywhere else. While we didn’t buy anything besides a mug this time we did some damage in the Bottle Shop last year as we stocked up for some pre-gaming beers during our trip. This year we stopped in to have one beer each and ended up staying for all of these:

  • Mikkeller Spontandryhop Citra Sour 5.5%
  • Mikkeller Green & Gold Malted IPA 7.7%
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru 2011 6.9%
  • Mikkeller Spontan Ale Sour 5.0% (x2)
  • To Øl Simple Wife Barrel Aged Sour Saison 10.0%


IMG_3724 IMG_3728 IMG_3732


So there you have our beer trip to København in August 2015 and hopefully there will be plenty more throughout the years. The next time I will have the chance to be at a Mikkeller spot will be in November in back-to-back cities as we’ll be traveling back to San Francisco where I can visit the Mikkeller Bar there and then stopping in Iceland for a few days where I can get to the new Mikkeller & Friends there before returning to London. So there will be more Mikkeller updates before the end of the year.

– Beard

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