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You’re probably thinking “great, another new blog clogging up the interwebs” right? Well this one is a little different, and not just because of my magnificent beard. My goal is not to focus on one specific area of interest but allow each day to, alliteratively, have their own theme. After all I am a jack of all trades but master of none (except beard-growing).

So allow me to lay out some sample ideas and brief descriptions of what you can expect to see from day to day and week by week. Things may change along the way but that’s part of the fun.

🎧Music Monday🎸 – I’m a jamband guy at heart but am open to and listen to anything and everything so you’ll get a good variety here to expand your knowledge and palate … except country, I despise that trailer trash garbage with a passion so if you like country music you can leave now.

  • Album Review(s) from the past week/month
  • Upcoming Album, Artist or Single to look out for
  • Upcoming Show(s) in the London area you should probably go to
  • Spotify playlist to tingle your ears and put you in a good mood while expanding your horizons
  • Current Song or Album I’m listening to an absolutely obscene amount

✈️Travel Tuesday🌍 – I love traveling and while I’ve done a decent amount, I have plenty more I want to do and see. London is a great jumping off spot for many more adventures in the years to come.

  • Observations and knowledge gained from past trips
  • Travel updates when I’m on the road
  • Reviews of places to eat, drink, see, stay abroad
  • Tips for making the most of your trip

😸Whiskers Wednesday😼 – I’ve got 2 kid-tens© who are pretty adorable (there’s a soft side to this beard, literally and figuratively) so you’ll get to know them and their shenanigans quite well.

  • A daily picture of my 2 cats, Charlie and Finnegan, c’mon did you really expect more?!
  • I will be asking for captions to properly describe the moment so I guess there is more

🍺Thirsty Thursday🍸 – I’ll cover everything from coffee to beer to whiskey to high tea to Jager Grenades (kidding) and where you should go to consume them, responsibly of course … or not, I don’t really care.

  • Reviews of Coffee and/or Tea Shops and Beans around town
  • Reviews of Bars and their selections of Beer, Spirits and Cocktails around town
  • The poshest spots and/or the secret spots for a drink
  • Seriously though, I’m not writing about Jager Grenades as much as you may secretly want so get over it

🍴Foodie Friday🍝 – I have a love of food, and to clarify that, I have a love of eating at places where other people prepare my food for me

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • New Hot-Spots in town
  • Food Festivals or Pop-Ups in town
  • Recipes … although most of these will be from other people
  • “Food for thought” and other healthy eating tips and myths dispelled

📷Selfie Saturday👦 – I like to think that when I got a selfie stick a couple of years ago I was way ahead of the curve even though everyone within a 3 mile radius of Big Ben has one today

  • A selfie (or photo of some sort) of me from a different spot each week
  • Some will be new, some will be from past travels, some will be from the future (mind = blown)

🏈Sports Sunday ⚾️– don’t get me wrong I appreciate and am all about learning the nuances of Cricket, Rugby, Snooker and Squash but this is for everyone who wants to go into the office on Monday and drop some knowledge about U.S. sports

  • Recap of the biggest U.S. sports news from the past week
  • A look ahead to what you should watch for in the upcoming week
  • Interesting sports facts to share at the water cooler or in the Pub

So there you go, in a nutshell this is the outline of ‘An American Beard in London‘ as I currently see it. Please share it with friends, family, strangers; grow a beard or buy a Chia pet that can grow one (I assume they still make those); and most importantly enjoy life and be kind to each other. Get ready for some sports tomorrow!

– Beard

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