Surprisingly enough I was not born with the beard you see before you today, it was slightly smaller back in 1983 (and is currently a trimmed down version as well). Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago I was brought up with those good Midwest values and learned early how a beard can help in the harsh winters back home and seemingly never-ending winters. I also picked up a love for music and movies thanks to all the time spent indoors during the chilly winters and hot and humid summers, although the latter did help instill a love of sports. I traveled a good amount while growing up and, while it may not have been out of the U.S. back then, it instilled that travel bug in me.

After graduating college from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois aka the middle of nowhere aka the Caterpillar factory surrounded by a town in 2005, I decided to pick up and move to Arizona. I shed my face mane thanks to the oppressive heat there and was off to a new start. It seemed a fair tradeoff for not having to deal with winter ever again. I could count the people I vaguely knew on one hand when I moved so I was forced to become more social. This meant I spent more time in bars and restaurants where my desire for better food and drink fully took hold after popping up in college. All was going well and then there was that one fateful day when I was scolded for having a little too much of a ‘5 o’clock shadow’ at work. From that day on in 2007 I knew I needed to have the beard back in full force despite the insane desert heat so I took a vacation to grow it back.

In 2009 I was offered an opportunity and made the best choice for any beard connoisseur (and person who loves people and culture) in the U.S. and moved to San Francisco, where face sweaters are a symbol of pride. Thanks to my beard I immediately had hipster cred in all the coffee shops, got a promotion at work, started forgetting my name because I only responded to my new bestowed nickname of ‘Beard’ and, most importantly, found the woman of my dreams thanks to it and got married last year.

In May 2015 we moved to London to start the next chapter of our lives, with our 2 kid-tens© in tow, and after years of contemplating a blog I finally decided to pull the trigger and started publishing this in August 2015. While in San Francisco and Arizona I was a concierge extraordinaire so everything from finding new, hot dinner and drink spots to taking those off-the-beaten-path adventures to unearthing new musical talent has been a large part of my life for a while now. So when I got to London it was a blank canvas, even though I’ve been here a few times as a tourist, to start exploring and creating new memories and sharing them with all of you fine people.

I’m here to spread my knowledge as I continue learning right along with you so I hope you enjoy my daily posts and pictures on a multitude of topics and personal interests from music to food and drink to travel to U.S. sports. The funniest part is I can’t play an instrument, don’t really cook, haven’t even been to a third world country and am not that athletic but I feel that my love and knowledge for all of these trumps my actual ability. Enjoy!

– Beard